Play Craps online and get some fun or win real money

A gambler’s choice to play Craps online is a natural bet, as there are no differences if to play Craps game online or in a land-based casino. The only otherness is the atmosphere around the table that absorbs every player, who attends any of Las Vegas casinos.

Before starting to learn all opportunities, given by online gambling sources, it’s necessary to study the basic rules of the game. There are dozens of various bets, but it’s better to start from the most popular ones. There are 2 main rounds of the game – Come Out Roll and Point Roll. 7 or 11 mean the win of a Shooter. 2, 3 or 12 mean the loss of a Shooter. If the amount on the dices is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, then the Point is set and the second round (Point Roll) starts. Here it’s necessary to throw bones, when the total result is 7 or the Point that was set before. These are the basics, but it’s enough to start.

How to play Craps online to win real money, sitting at home

What can be better, than to take a seat in a comfortable arm-chair and to play the favorite hazardous game online with a chance to gain some dollars. Gambling industry gives such an opportunity and all Craps’ followers can also try own skills and to earn money, playing the game on this or that gambling website. Of course, there are some steps to take before starting to play Craps online, and the most obligatory of them are mentioned below.

  • First of all it’s necessary to find a gambling source, where it’s possible to play Craps online. The best way to choose the most acceptable variant is to read official reviews, players’ comments and reliable sources’ reports.
  • To register the user account.
  • To make a deposit, using the chosen payment method. Mind, that there can be a special bonus for the first deposit, and it’s necessary to pay attention to all casinos’ instructions to get a gift.
  • To choose Craps out from the games’ library and to make the first bet.
  • There are many available bets, and every gambler is responsible for every chosen variant, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about Pass/Don’t Pass Line, Come/Don’t Come Bet, Field Bet, Proposition Bets, Free Odds, Hardways and some others.
  • And don’t forget about using special manuals and programs, which can help to play Craps online with more chances to win.

These are just the general rules to be followed, and, of course, there is much information about the most profitable online casinos and the different strategies to be used to become a successful player.

The best online casinos of Vegas type with an opportunity to play Craps

Las Vegas is a pearl of gambling, that’s why Craps’ followers prefer online casinos, based on a Vegas land-type representatives. And the most popular such casinos are listed below.

  • Vegas Casino with a huge 11 000 USD possible bonuses and a great variety of available games.
  • BOVADA Casino is one of the most popular online gambling sources in the USA and Canada that provides players with plenty of slots and table games, including Craps.
  • WILD Casino is also very popular amongst gamblers all over the world, as it offers very attractive options to all visitors.

The list would have been bigger, but the mentioned places to visit are absolutely enough to immerse into the atmosphere of Vegas world and to try own skills in playing Craps.

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