Free Online Craps – How to Play and How to Win at Craps

The dizzying dice rolls and the admiring screams of the victors are enough to confuse you if you are new to craps. While craps is a terrific atmospheric game, if you are looking for profit then you have to focus on some other more important things. In this post we will tell you about the main features of free online craps. We will give you an understanding of the basic strategy and also some important tips to help you improve your game. So, read on to find out about the different betting options and other aspects of this popular casino game.

free online craps

Advanced and Safe Casino Craps Strategy for Canadian Players

Before you move on to learning the strategy of the game, you must understand that making the various types of bets are the only strategic moves applicable in this game of chance. Since the result depends solely on the roll of the dice, there is no betting system that guarantees a 100% result. Whether you’re playing a free online craps machine or Live Dealer Craps, the outcome of any game round depends on chance – or RNG finally. So, if you’re here to learn a basic strategy, here are 4 basic steps to follow:

  1. Place Pass Line bets as they offer the best winning odds and still have decent payout opportunities.
  2. When playing free online craps, use Pass Odds, which are the safe type of side bets available after the first roll of the dice.
  3. Make some Come Bets when the point is already set. This is a good strategy for online craps as now even more numbers on the dice can be won.
  4. Avoid Don’t play long/proposition bets as the expected value for these bets is terrible.

These rules will give you a better idea of the strategy for online casino craps – stick to them to get the best winning chances.

Craps Online Canada – Some Tips to Improve Your Game

We have compiled a list of tips that will be useful for both beginners and experienced players:

  • Since different bets have different odds, you should opt for bets with the highest winning chances to use betting systems like Martingale, Fibonacci and others.
  • Don’t trust the ‘how to win at craps’ guides on how to constantly win craps as we are dealing with gambling.
  • Test your strategy risk-free by playing free online craps before you start playing for real money.

You can also try the Min-Max craps strategy available as a guide online. Using this system, you can win a large amount even with a small bankroll at the beginning of the game. Many Canadian players use the Min-Max system to play free online craps at various Canadian-friendly casinos. The advantage of this strategy is that you can achieve Maximum results with Minimum investment.

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