2016 President's Message


Greetings. Once again I am privileged to provide the annual review of our accomplishments and projects.  We hope this finds you and yours in good health and prosperous.

First I would like to thank all the members, donors, and supporters who make this effort possible.  Your generosity is appreciated and gratefully received.

Our Historical Society and Museum operations did quite well last year as we improved ongoing programs and introduced new events and projects.

We installed a monitored security system which enables us to provide necessary security to acquire better exhibit material such as the Voelker display in the Trout Fishing Museum now.

The Voelker exhibit has been very well received and has stimulated a great deal of interest and increased visitation.  The Museum Director’s efforts to promote the museums and events in the news media and vacation related travel publications is also paying off in increased visits.  We would like to thank Mr. Jeff Johnson for his help and support to acquire promotional spots on the local PBS station.  We now have the Voelker related DVDs “Trout Madness” and “Anatomy of an Author” for sale in the museum and at events.

The Rialto Theatre in Grayling was good enough to work with us to bring “Anatomy of a Murder” back to the big screen for a showing the evening of the Trout opener.  This was a very nice companion event for the Voelker exhibit, and it is worth noting we have an exhibit on loan from Northern Michigan University – “When Hollywood Came to Marquette” which will be in the Trout Fishing Museum until July.

We were considered as a venue for the relocation of the Original WANIGAS Rod Shop to recognize ART Nuemann’s life time of dedication to the sport of fly fishing, cold water conservation, and the Trout unlimited Organization.  Although, at the end of the day, the Original WANIGAS shop and related artifact will be included in the Michigan Historical Museum complex, we consider it a distinct honor to have been included as the other potential venue.  The Michigan Historical exhibit will be ready in 2018.  In the meantime our 2017 will feature Art Nuemann.   We are very much looking forward to planning and presenting the Nuemann exhibit.

Expanding our role as a source of historical information and material we were able to support other organizations projects and events with photos and narrative last year.   Further, we were recognized as a historical venue by the DAR.

In addition to the security system other improvements in the building include enclosing the stairwell in the trout museum to provide storage and a sales area.  The sales area was relocated out of the Schoolhouse and the increased exhibit space was reorganized.   Mr. Tom McKinney made and donated a display board for the Veteran’s recognition project.  The board is located in the Township Hall.  A binder is being created in the museum with information pertaining to the veterans recognized in the Township Hall.

Last year’s events were well attended self-sustaining.   This year’s activities are shaping up very well too.  The Hot Stove Night sessions were interesting, well received and well attended.  We look forward to presenting the Hot Stove series again next year.  The opener was a success as well as the related exhibits and activities.

The annual meeting will feature Glen Blackwood’s John Voelker presentation, and we expect to have other Voelker related activities through the season.

Barry VanGuilder and the group will be at The Beaver, Beer and Banjo fund raiser again, as well as, the Beaver Stew from local beavers, and once again it is at the Riverside Tavern in Lovells on July 23rd.   We will have the museums open and conduct the annual Log Drive on August 20 at the Bridgewalk.  The Historic Lodge tour is expected to be very interesting this year – please ask one of us about the Lodge Tour venue and activities.

Last year for the first time we opened the Schoolhouse Museum at Halloween for Tric-or-treat, and plan to do it again this year.  Our Christmas tree entry in the Grayling Festival of Trees raised considerable money for that group.  For the second year our tree was won by a Lovell’s resident.

We were able to attend the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo in Warren Michigan again the year.  We appreciate the opportunity be present and represent the LTHS at this event.

In the future we intend to maintain our efforts to offer quality exhibits and events representing Local history, and the history of Trout fishing and outdoor sports related activities.

Your continued support and financial sponsorship is very necessary to our ability to carry on the mission of the LTHS.  We pledge our commitment to use the funds and resources provided prudently and make every effort to get the best return for our expenditures.

Richard K Perry

President, LTHS

June 16, 2016