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  Lovells Historical Museums and the Lovells Township Historical Society

The success of the August 1990 Heritage Days Celebration gave birth to the Lovells Township Historical Society.

The community expressed a desire to preserve and promote the history of the area. That aspiration brought together people seeking a way to display and protect the artifacts, documents, photos and memories of Lovells.

Rudolph Pallone's 1991 gift to the Society of the one room log Lone Pine Schoolhouse, constructed in 1906 by James Kellogg and Gustav Ernst, became the first big project of the Lovells Township Historical Society.

With help from the community the historic building was moved to the township property and renovations began in the summer of 1991. Once completed, the building was used to house and exhibit the history of Lovells Township.

The Lone Pine Schoolhouse Museum continues to showcase the heritage and memories of the Lovells area. 

A second museum building was constructed in 2001. This new log building is the home of the Lovells Museum of Trout Fishing History, Michigan's ONLY trout fishing history museum. We not only focus on trout fishing in the Lovells area and on the North Branch of the AuSable River, but trout fishing throughout Michigan.

The Lovells Township Historical Society not only operates the two museums, but also presents a number of programs and events throughout the year, both at the museums and throughout the community. The LTHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



Welcome to the 2017 Exhibit

Welcome to the 2017 Trout Fishing Museum exhibit featuring Arthur Nuemann.  We are proud to recognize and celebrate Art’s contributions to the sport of fly fishing, conservation, and his legacy of leadership in the establishment and formation of Trout Unlimited.

Art’s accomplishments are apparent by the number of people who eagerly came forward to contribute and participate in the creation of this exhibit.  His presence at the organizational level and work with Trout Unlimited to further the cause of cold water conservation were significant.   He also served as a mentor and source of inspiration to countless individuals who through his influence and words continue to further the ideals and goals of good sportsmanship and conservation.

Art operated his Wanigas Rod Shop on Sherman Rd in Saginaw for many years until the early 1990s.  As part of our display we have attempted to recreate in spirit his rod shop for the many people who shopped, visited, and talked with Art at the shop.  The remainder of the display is focused on the many other facets of a life well lived.

In order to assemble an exhibit of this nature it is necessary to search for material and information.   With that in mind we would like to offer our gratitude to the many individuals and groups who provided the information and material you will enjoy in this exhibit, starting with Art himself who made available to us and the Michigan Historical Museum items from his Rod Shop.  The Neumann family generously loaned many pieces. Additional contributors include Peter Jones for a good share of the fly rods on display, Peter Jones again and Judy Fuller who stepped up and provide the metal lathe and drill press after the State Museum determined they could not loan us the original items.  Other contributors include Steve Johnson, Glen Eberly, Eric Bankhead, Mark Steffens, Sam Surre, Bill Priest, Howard Johnson, Victor Johnson Jr., Jake Shinners, Jim Allerdice, Dave Cozad, Rob Smith, Roger Fechner, Carol Britton, Richard Perry, LTHS Board, Tom McKinney, John Niemann, Chris Radke, Mershon Chapter TU, The Mershon Muddler, Terry Nab, David Oeming, Bob Summers, and others we have not named but are just as grateful to.

We hope this exhibit provides an accurate and comprehensive view of Art’s life and accomplishments.  As you look over the exhibit it will become apparent Art was a remarkable individual whose actions and example have left the world a better place.  He clearly merits recognition and we are pleased to participate by helping tell his story.  Thank you for visiting and we hope you find the exhibit informative and entertaining.

Richard K. Perry

For the Officers and Board of the Lovells Township Historical Society